Our Fall Book Favorites

Our Fall Book Favorites

Fall is finally here! So we had to update our bookshelf with some of our favorites.

I like to rotate the book selection per season but also love mixing some year-round favorites. It's a great way to refresh a space and to prepare for the new season. But even better to bring out the seasonal books to get some love through the season.

Buying books can become expensive; so I always recommend going to the Library for some of those seasonal books. Another great option is buying used ones at thrift stores or local used book shops. Maybe it's just me but there is something special about a used book. (As long as it's in good condition)

We love buying special books because they are an investment for our family. My daughter loves books even though she is still too young to read she enjoys the pictures. I'm a big fan of beautiful illustrations too!

Here are a few of our favorites.



The List:

"You are a beautiful beginning"
The illustrations are incredibly magical. But the message of self-love and friendship.

"Fern and Otto"
It's about a friendship searching for a story through the forest but they have different ideas of what that means. The illustrations are also very beautiful.

"When I am Big"
A great book to encourage curiosity and confidence as they get older. It's also a great counting book (1-25 )

"Leif and the Fall"
Leif is a leaf who is afraid to fall! His adventure with his friend to find a solution to avoid a big fall but he is constantly disappointed. A great message on how to keep trying even if we fail.

"Toto's Apple"
A short story of a worm in love with an apple. It's a very animated short story but very funny. The ending is interestingly surprising too.

This story is about 4 puppies but Gaston (Bulldog) has to work extra hard to be like the other puppies (Poodles).

"This is Sadie"
Sadie is a little girl with a big imagination. Each page is a fun adventure any child will enjoy.

"One Thousand Things"
A great book for learning different words. It covers the world around us, human body parts, Space.

"Nature all around Plants"
A great book to identify plants per season. It encourages children to engage with the natural world.

"In the Garden"
Sow seeds in spring, eat berries in summer and pick the apples in the autumn.

"A Fox found a Box"
The Fox finds a music box and all the forest animals love it until it stops working! But they soon find another more beautiful sound in nature.

"Littlest Family big Day"
Emily Winfield makes the most whimsical books and this one is just a perfect one to add to the collection.

"The Climbing Tree"
A little brother who wants to do what his big brother does. A beautiful depiction of sibling rivalry, growing up, and love between brothers.


 Our sweet Toadstool Garland to add to the whimsical new season of Autumn! 


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