As a new mother, I became fascinated with making unique decor pieces for my daughter Alessandra. I had stopped working in the Fashion Industry to focus on motherhood. As a form of staying creative I wanted to find a new creative outlet.

I started by making a Llama mobile with Flowers (Peonies). I had been searching for a unique but sweet mobile for her crib. I couldn't find the exact style I had in mind so I decided to make one. That opened my mind up to create more things to add to her nursery. 

The name garland followed soon after! I wanted something that could be a keepsake and with floral embroidery details. I love the look of vintage designs and all the embroidery from those times. I was also on a big pom pom kick before I had my daughter. So I had to add a few pom poms to this garland.

Alé + Poppy was created in 2019 after I had a few friends encourage me to offer my handmade items. I love designing unique items that can bring a touch of magic to any space.

My Goal is to continue to bring unique and well-made goods to this shop. 

xx Karen Ko